If there’s one thing we all spend time learning about it’s low back pain. Physical therapists are highly skilled in the management of low back pain overall. However, individual physical therapists attack the treatment of low back pain with a stunning variety of approaches. From Treatment-based Classification, to McKenzie’s Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, to SIJ, to Movement System Impairment, it sometimes seems like there’s as many systems as there is schools of physical therapy. This week’s topic will discuss treatment variation in low back pain. What form of treatment rationale did you learn/are learning in your program? Have you struggled on clinicals to integrate what you learned in school to a particular approach seen in the clinic? What are the positives and negatives of this variation? Let’s talk about it! Tune in at 9pm EST this Wednesday, March 20th for the next #DPTstudent tweetchat!


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