Last week when I received the statement telling me the current amount of my student loans, I could have cried. To think that number will be double by the time I graduate with my DPT puts a serious pit in my stomach.

According to CNN, the average debt from undergrad is $27,000. According to the APTA the average cost of a 3 year DPT program (obviously this varies by public vs private school and other factors) is $86,204. That is a whopping $113,204 in student loans.

In the early 2000s the push was made for PT programs to be 3 year doctorate programs. With this came an increase in tuition cost, but no increase in salary. Is there anything we can do about it? Do we just have to suck it up and pay back student loans for the majority of our lives if we want to be physical therapists? Does the passion for the profession out weigh the cost? I have to admit that I almost didn’t leave my job as an accountant because of the cost of the DPT program.

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