The first PT clinic I ever experienced as a patient utilized PTAs to the max. In fact, I think I only saw the PT for 10 minutes at most each visit. The next PT clinic where I was a patient did not have PTAs at all because the clinic owner wanted the physical therapists to spend the maximum amount of time with each patient. I received great care at both clinics.

What are your thoughts on the relationship between PTAs and PTs? How much time should a PT spend with their patient versus the PTA? Do you think patients understand the difference between the PT and PTA? What are the big differences in what we do?

And lastly, let’s about the article that appeared in the December 2012/ January 2013 edition of Pt in Motion titled “The Joint Manipulation Debate” that discusses the APTA policy that only PTs can perform join manipulations.

Talk to you tomorrow evening at 9pm EST!


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