About PT Think Tank

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Welcome to PT Think Tank!

Founded by Eric Robertson, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT.

Back in December of 2006 when this blog was born, it was called NPA Think Tank. It’s not anymore. It’s way cooler.

PT Think Tank is a blog dedicated to critical observations about health, science, and the world of physical therapy. Moreover, it’s a sounding board and outlet for the exploration of technology and healthcare. The integration of web and mobile tools into healthcare is revolutionary, and the concept of empowered patients is significant. With a pulse on the profession, we strive to…well…make you think! We hope you enjoy reading!

The NPA Think Tank Blog History

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NPA Think Tank, founded by Eric Robertson in 2006 was a blog dedicated to critical observations of health, science, and the profession of physical therapy. Eric originally began this blog as a curious experiment to learn about blogging, but it quickly developed into a passion. NPA Think Tank gained an audience by exploring the world around us from the eye of physical therapists. Eric’s interest in evidence-based practice, leveraging technology in health care, and good all around fun is reflected in these pages.




This is the personal blog of the authors represented here. It does not represent the opinions of anyone other than the author of the content. It does not represent the opinions of any organization such as the author’s university or practice location. The information on this blog is intended for discussion and should not be construed as medical advice in any way. Any health care decisions you make as a result of reading this blog are at your own discretion, of course. If my opinions offend you in any way, please find a blog which more closely reflects your opinions, as there are literally thousands to choose from . The author cannot accept responsibility if your brain swells or become sore as a result of an unexpected increase in introspective thought that occurs as a result of reading some meaty blog posts. Sit-back, relax, and enjoy!