Are you a DPT student who is looking to get more involved but just doesn’t know how? Do you want to find out what’s going on in the PT world beyond the classroom? Do you want to play a role in determining the future of your profession?

Advocacy is the answer.

Join us on Wednesday, March 5 for the #DPTstudent chat as we talk #PTAdvocacy with TJ, Brooke, Eric, Eric, Trent, and Ryan. Discussion topics will center on involvement opportunities for students, access to advocacy materials, and the upcoming APTA Federal Advocacy Forum in Washington, DC on April 6-8.

Merriam Webster defines advocacy as follows:

ad·vo·ca·cy: noun : the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal : the act or process of advocating something

Notice the definition above says NOTHING about politics or legislation; Advocacy involves much more than just Capitol Hill!

The student-lead Professional Advocacy Project Committee has taken on the challenge of informing students and professionals alike about opportunities to be advocates for the profession. The expansive topic of advocacy has been divided into three goals by the committee:

1 – Create an informative handout with involvement resources that will be distributed annually to first year students

2 – Promote current opportunities for advocacy to students

3 – Develop educational materials to reach other healthcare professionals and the public

Join us on Wed March 5th at 9pm EST to talk about it!

Post written by Ryan Buus and Eric Uveges