During this week’s #DPTstudent chat we will be joined by Chris Mulvey who is one of the co-founders of a company called PT 4 PT. Currently, they are selling packs of electrodes for $1.97 per pack and of that money, 50 cents is donated in your name to the cause of your choice. They are calling this effort the “Our pack for your PAC”. During my conversation with Chris, who I had the pleasure of meeting at CSM, he was telling me all about the how, the why, the what and the future of PT 4 PT. Check out their website for more information and certainly tune in this Wednesday at 9PM EST as we chat with Chris, via Google Hangout about his company.  You can also follow PT 4 PT on twitter @PT4PTorg.

Next week’s chat will also focus on advocacy. Stay tuned!