Happy New Year #DPTstudent(s) and welcome back! We are excited to kick off the new year of the #DPTstudent chat by continuing our “Section Spotlight” with the APTA Acute Care Section (@acutecarept)!

Acute care physical therapy encompasses a wide range of clinical settings including hospitals, skilled nursing units, sub-acute rehabilitation centers, home care, and acute rehabilitation centers. Acute care physical therapy is unique in that the patient population is “acutely ill” with an active disease process or trauma, while also working through a decrease in physical function. Among many other skills, acute care physical therapists must be equipped with a solid understanding of post op movement contraindications, lab values and modern monitoring devices including the various intravenous lines and monitors. The acute care setting is often fast paced and requires the therapist be able to think quickly in the case of an emergency.

We are extremely excited to have the APTA Acute Care Section joining us this Wednesday, January 8th at 9pm EST, to discuss all things acute care as well as student benefits of being an acute care section member! For more information on APTA’s Acute Care section please visit www.acutpt.org and check out some of the student opportunities under the “students” tab!


Blog post written by TJ Janicky (@TJ_Janicky).