The #DPTstudent chat started in late November and we have discussed many, many different topics and the majority of them have one thing in common: it all comes down to advocacy for our profession. Getting our name out there, having the public understand what we do and how helpful Physical Therapists can be. Having the pubic understand our knowledge and our education and the value of PT.

This Wednesday we will be talking about what we can do as students to help our profession. We are the future of Physical Therapy and it is our responsibility to take charge and help the profession grow and succeed.

The timing of this advocacy chat could not have come at a better time! The APTA Student Assembly has set up a Flash Action Stragetgy  (FAS) to show support for the Physical Therapist Workforce and Patient Act of 2013. Think about it as a flash mob but instead of cool dance moves, we send letters to our legislators to show support for the profession in hopes that congress realizes that not only are we necessary in the medical field, but we are a very driven and passionate group of people! Feel free to dance once you submit your letter. Here is the link to the Facebook Event for FAS.

Talk to you Wednesday at 9pm EST (after you submit your letter)! Brain storm ideas of other ways we can come together as students and make a difference.


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