We have all heard the term ‘Evidence Based Practice’. It makes sense that we base the majority of PT treatments around modalities or interventions that have been studied and show beneficial results for the patient. Evidence is constantly being updated and we are moving forward as a profession due to the individuals and teams who are passionate about research and performing studies.

But how are those studies funded? Why should we as students care? The Foundation for Physical Therapy makes it possible for PTs to obtain funding for their studies. In fact, the National Institute of Health (NIH) only accepts about 5% of all research proposals! If it were not for the Foundation for PT, many research projects within our field may not have been possible. Many of my professors have been funded by the Foundation.

LogNBlog for PT, and the Marquette Challenge, are ways that students can get involved and help the Foundation and all money raised goes directly towards helping research in the PT feild. Research is the heart of our profession- with out it we have little to advocate for and the public may not believe in us or our profession. As students, and the future of the profession, part of our job is to make sure that quality research continues.

Let’s talk about it! We will discuss why research is important, how we can get involved (it’s not ALL about the money!), and more about what the Foundation for PT does.


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