The largest professional organization that represents Physical Therapists in the US is the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Currently, I am a student member and receive the monthly newsletter and emails almost daily. Students get away with a pretty cheap membership fee but once I graduate, if I keep the same selections of interest (general membership, Colorado chapter, and 2 specialized areas)  my fee is over $600! The APTA website outlines the benefits of being a member pretty clearly on their website and the benefits include connecting with other PTs, continuing education opportunities and access to many evidence based research articles. The APTAs biggest benefit is that they are the largest advocates of physical therapy.

What are your thoughts? Do you have to be a member of the APTA? Do your patients know (or care) if you are or are not a member? Is $600 a little too harsh on the wallet, especially with student loans? Let’s talk about it on Wednesday evening, April 10 2013 at 9pm EST!


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