After an intense, three year, non-stop DPT program we are prepared to play the role of physical therapist in almost any setting. After graduation many of us may feel so elated to finally have a Friday night that does not involve studying that we may not jump right into studying for additional certifications. However, this article on says that PTs with specialized certifications are more desirable and are the first to get hired. Do you think that holds true for new grads? Do you think the more letters you have after your name the better (even if the patient has no idea what they mean)? Or do you think that becoming so specialized with certifications backs you into a tight corner and you are no longer able to be seen as a general physical therapist? Do you plan to obtain any extra certifications in school or closely following graduation? Let’s talk about it on Wednesday, April 3rd at 9pm EST! See ya on Twitter!


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