In 2009 at the Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American Physical Therapy Association in Baltimore, MD, the Oxford Debate took up the issue of alphabet soup. The issue debated was, “Are the use of multiple credentials a distraction or an attraction to our profession?” The team in favor of eliminating the excessive use of credentials included, Robert Landel, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS; Stephen C. F. McDavitt, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, and Robert H. Rowe, PT, DPT, DMT, MHS, FAAOMPT. A well-credentialed bunch, indeed.

I recall siding with that team, as I have always had an eye toward PR and branding and consider too many credentials as being bad for a brand. Successful branding includes paying attention to your brand’s identity, as Philip Davis points out in this well-crafted blog post. This can be anything from making sure your fonts and colors are the same to making sure you dress according to how you want your brand to be perceived. If fonts and colors are important, a myriad of obscure credentials are most certainly critical as well.

This weekend’s visceral debate on Kyle’s post brought this larger issue to the forefront once again. What do you think about this issue of alphabet soup? Join the #SolvePT discussion tomorrow, hosted by @SnippetPhysTher.

[icon style=”notice”]Update: Check out the summary of the tweet chat on 5/22/12 here. [/icon]