Thought of the Week: Be You

We are starting a new, original feature on @PTThinkTank called Thought of the Week. Other blogs have weekly links, videos, songs, fun posts, and other various features. This will be ours. Since this is a Think Tank, we figured it should be a statement, a thought.

Thoughts may be funny, serious, analytical, and or insightful. Hopefully, they will provoke thought. Posts will likely include links, pictures, and videos that illustrate (or even inspired) the message.  As always, sharing, comments, and discussion are not only allowed, but highly encouraged.

Inspired by the video below (and credit to my graduate school neuroscience professor and faculty advisor @RGisbertDPT) the first PT Think Tank “Thought of the Week” is:

Now, the thought could have been MOVE or DANCE or FREEDOM. But, in the end you can move, dance, and be free to become yourself. So, BE YOU. How can we assist our patients to be themselves? Or, more importantly have them change and move to become the selves they desire?

Your thoughts…?

5 Replies to “Thought of the Week: Be You”

  1. Totally made my day! Great point in assisting our patients to become themselves or the ‘new’ self they desire to become.

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