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Our inaugural PT Think Tank Thought of the Week was BE YOU.  This week’s thought stems from a video that has been circulating over the past few months. Inspired by the video below, this weeks thought is:


Slow movements, fast movements, weird movements, new movements!! Time to get moving. Obviously, this video discusses some of the health implications of not moving, and the benefits of daily activity. As physical therapists, we are always trying to assist our patients with movement. How can we best assist them to not only become themselves (per the previous thought of the week), but MOVE more to illicit potentially powerful health, wellness, and quality of life benefits? Your thoughts?

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Kyle Ridgeway

Dr. Kyle Ridgeway, PT, DPT @Dr_Ridge_DPT enjoys the color purple and is an advocate of Tigers. Early in his career he practiced in an outpatient clinic (small private practice), academic hospital (in-patient), and long term acute care hospital. He treated within the confines of a randomized control trial investigating early intensive physical therapy with patients who are critically ill and require mechanical ventilation. Currently, he practices at University of Colorado Hospital where he also assists with program design and data collection. Kyle is now the coordinator of a medical ICU physical therapy quality improvement project at UCH.

2 thoughts on “Thought of the Week: MOVE”

  1. Educating patients about the health benefits of exercise and what they would be missing out on by not being regularly active is the approach I take. Wouldn’t you want to spend your money on something other than pills and testing supplies? I try and figure out what activities they enjoy and find the connection between the ability to continue the hobby and the need to exercise.
    But, I have to admit I think this has limited ability to motivate someone to regularly exercise. As a society we have to make exercise a part of our culture and encourage it. Some companies have stepped up to try and change to a more active culture. GE has a free gym onsite with some free classes as well as organized active networking including events like bike to work competitions. Communities are starting to make the environment more accessible by adding bike lanes and building new trails. I think there are definite changes occurring for the MOVE movement and we need to embrace them, support them, and encourage them.

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