Say Hello to Mike Pascoe

As you may have seen from his first post, our second new author is full of energy and really likes sharing! That’s a good combo for this blog. Mike and I have been acquaintances for several years now, albeit in a completely virtual sense. That is, until earlier this year when he took me on a tour of Boulder, CO. We found a coffee shop that could make this and had some real geeky conversation:

Mike is also just beginning a new phase of his career. He’s signed on to a faculty position at the Univeristy of CO, and is instructing Anatomy in the Physical Therapy program. He’ll be attending his first CSM conference this week, so if you see a tall fellow live-blogging and tweeting, run up and welcome him into the field of physical therapy.

About Mike:

Mike Pascoe, PhD recently joined the faculty of the Physical Therapy Program at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center as a senior instructor of clinical anatomy. He graduated in December 2010 from the University of Colorado Boulder, where he studied age-associated differences in motor unit activity under the direction of Roger Enoka, PhD. He is married to Stephanie Pascoe PT, DPT, OCS, and together they enjoy traveling, snow boarding, and discussing basic research and clinical practice over cups of coffee.