Medical Illustration: Entertainment and Education

One of my favorite¬†activities¬†in Augusta was/is to attend trivia at a local hang called, Helgas. Apart from the irony and inconvenience of the ultra smoke filled bar that’s frequented by graduate students at a medical college, it’s a solid game of trivia. It was always a treat for me to run into some of the medical illustration folks there. I admire the work and skill of medical illustrators, and one of my long-time favorite blogs is Street Anatomy. If you happen to be in Chicago next Friday, you can plan to attend Street Anatomy’s very first Gallery Show! Yes, I’m jealous if you do.

Medical illustrators are hard to come by, and there are only 4 accredited programs in the United States! Their work with animation and interactive learning images is priceless and plays an integral role in the education of all health professionals as well as the general public. I love to stumble across collections of medical illustrations, and so here’s one you can check out too: The 2009 Salon Award Winners from the Association of Medical Illustrators. Everyone should have a friend who’s a medical illustrator!