A Simple Solution: Posterous.com

Eric's PosterousI get asked by quite a few physical therapists about the best way to establish some sort of online identity for themselves or, more often, their business. While my gut reaction is to suggest a WordPress, this does take at least some footwork to get off the ground and to look nice. Another option which, due to the insanely simple process of setting it up, maybe more palatable to some folks is Posterous.com

Posterous allows everyone to make a blog on the fly, and they take care of images, hosting, posting, etc. All the user has to do is to remember the email address to post something (post.posterous.com), find something of value on the web worth sharing, or write down some thoughts, and click send. That’s it!

This article by Guy Kawasaki does a great job explaining how one can use Posterous to it’s full potential, including simultaneously posting to several social media sites and blogs.