DIY Healthcare?


Yesterday, a NYT article about the comraderie of Physical Therapy. Today, an article about the group of young uninsured who are resorting to do-it-yourself healthcare. We’re so close! Just put those two concepts together and physical therapists emerge as a viable option for those with limited insurance coverage.
I love this quote:

It’s not an intimacy we would choose. But, shoved out of our private, busy lives, whether reluctantly or gratefully, we fall into their strong, skilled, waiting hands.”

I don’t love this quote:

“I could have gone to a major university for a year. Instead, I went to the hospital for two days.”

Young adults are the largest group of uninsured Americans. It’s a serious problem. Thankfully, physical therapy sessions don’t cost the equivalent of a year of education. And, for the record, Caitlin Kelly: physical therapy really isn’t that painful…at least it shouldn’t be!

We get rid of pain, not cause it.

image courtesy of mkgillman via flickr