Physical Therapists and Fantasy Sports

Physical Therapists have always been closely associated with the rehabilitation of professional athletes.  Even today, the Google news feed is littered with references to A-Rod and the physical therapist he plans to meet.  The stakes are pretty high when a sports team entrusts you with the health of their $275 million investment!  It’s nice to think of the impact physical therapists have on sports, even if it is in a behind-the-scenes role.

As a fantasy football fan, I regularly use my own knowledge to make judgments about player injury status.  I think it gives me an edge.  I stumbled across this blog by Chris Neault, who ties his love of baseball and PT background to offer fantasy baseball advice.

Of course the reigning queen of fantasy sports physical therapists is Stephania Bell, whose platform on ESPN is just awesome.  She offers her PT injury analysis skills to the world of sports, from the world leader in sports.

It’s impressive to witness physical therapists actively engaging and contributing to our nation’s sporting health on the national scene. While their crucial role in rehabilitating thousands of amateur and youth sporting injuries often goes unnoticed, it’s just as noteworthy as handling high-profile cases like A-Rod’s quad strain. Moreover, obtaining a sport specific training certification could further enhance their ability to address the unique needs of athletes at all levels.

I’m motivated to quote the APTA poster hanging in my office,

“Attention, all weekend warriors.  We’ll (physical therapists) be in bright and early Monday morning to treat your back pain.”