Giving Thanks & A Holiday Wish List


It’s the holiday season and the time is ripe for a holiday-related post!  Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, so what do physical therapists have to give thanks for this year?  How about:

1.  Bountiful clinical research productivity

2.  The DPT transition in educational programs and rapid adoption of the tDPT degree

3.  The APTA’s new CEO

4.  Growing numbers of Residency and Fellowship programs

5.  Podcasts, videos, and re-designs offered by our journals; and blog readership and writing, as more PT’s exchange information via the collaborative web.

Whatever your celebratory affiliation is, gifts such as these corporate hampers are somehow involved in December; and the season is upon us.  What are some things that might fall on physical therapists’ wish list?  Here is mine:

1.  Not just autonomous practice, but true ownership of our profession through phasing out of referral-for-profit arrangements.

2.  License to utilize radiological imaging in clinical practice.

3.  A profession-wide, rapid shift to a clinical education model that more closely resembles the medical model.

4.  Abolition of the CAP.

5.  Freedom from legislative assault

Leave some comments about what you might be thankful for…or are hoping for as the new year approaches!

Happy Holidays!


image by Robert Lynn