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Dr. Mike Pascoe recently joined the faculty of the Physical Therapy Program at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center as a senior instructor of clinical anatomy. He is a closet voice-over specialist and a prolific social media contributor.


Use twitter to network before your next conference


  Earlier this year I had a very positive experience attending my first physical therapy conference – CSM 2011, in New Orleans, LA. Twitter was instrumental in the success of my experience. I thought I would take a moment to show you what…


Slide Design in Physical Therapy: A Case Study

A recent survey shows that most of us view at least 25 slide presentations per year. This is most certainly true for physical therapists, whether it is an in-service at the clinic or sessions at annual conferences. Of the dozens of presentations, how…


Manage the Evidence Like a Pro

The problem. You are trying to stay current with the literature because that’s a great way to ensure quality treatment of your patients OR your a student in a physical therapy school that has a strong evidence based practice curriculum AND you end up…


From Bench to Bedside: Spinal Cord Physiology -> Clinical Interventions

Having just defended a dissertation in the field of neuroscience, this session was my guilty pleasure. I felt right at home hearing about the modulation of intrinsic motor neuron properties. But, the question I’ve had since graduate school was the focus of this…


CSM 2011 – The Pauline Cerasoli Lecture

This lecture honors one of physical therapy’s best and brightest – Pauline ‘Polly’ Cerasoli (Feb 25, 1939 – Sept 11, 2010). The Cerasoli lecture began with a tribute to Polly by a long-time friend and colleague Bette Ann Harris in which we learned…


Getting Started in Educational Research

Educational research is critical to ensure physical therapy students are receiving the best training as possible. However, educational research needs to live up to high standards. Fortunately, this session provided several good tips on how develop and implement good educational research questions. This…


State-of-the-Art in Postural Control: Pelvic Floor

Dr. Paul Hodges undertook the difficult task of explaining the intricate connection between the respiratory / pelvic floor / and abdominal muscles. I have the difficult task of summarizing what he presented! Dr. Hodges has a presentation style I really enjoyed – pose…


Multiple Sclerosis: Improving Physical Therapy Outcomes by Minimizing Neurogenic Fatigue and Maximizing Neuroplasticity

My first educational session at my first physical therapy conference was on what seems like a very challenging condition to manage in the clinic – Multiple Sclerosis. Hebert Karpatkin began his talk by stating his main goal – to “change the way you…


Best of Tech 2010…PT Edition

Hello. If you read as many blogs as I do (see Google Reader later in this post) you probably noticed many of them put together an end of the year review of what tools made a big impact throughout the year. I thought…