Getting Started in Educational Research

Educational research is critical to ensure physical therapy students are receiving the best training as possible. However, educational research needs to live up to high standards. Fortunately, this session provided several good tips on how develop and implement good educational research questions.

This presentation took on a panel format, with speakers from left to right:

As much educational research is present annually at CSM, the panel addressed many common problems of those that submit abstracts for presentation at the conference. The biggest problems include:

  • Not knowing the literature
  • Not performing appropriate statistics
  • Not using appropriate measures
  • Overall insufficient planning and thought (e.g. sufficient controls for the test groups)

In terms of developing a good education research question, the presenters offered the following pointers:

  • Where to begin? What are some good sources to inspire me to develop a good question?
  • Who are the primary drivers of PT educational research?
    • Clinical scholars
    • Academic clinical faculty
    • Traditional academics
  • What questions have been asked in the last 25 years?

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