The following post is written by Josh D’Angelo and Efosa Guobadia

With World Physical Therapy Day quickly approaching on September 8th, we have been discussing how we can play our part in strengthening the profession at the international level. We are currently in Guatemala (Efosa’s seventh trip here; Josh’s second) and will be teaching to, treating with, and presenting on advocacy to students and professionals in Guatemala City at the Universidad de Panamericana throughout the week.

We hope to broaden the discussion, generate ideas, and connect PT’s across the globe through this week’s #DPTstudent chat. We have also launched and will be discussing the hashtag #globalPTconnect, under which we will be live tweeting during much of our trip.

This is a profession that we all love and gives us so much, so trying to create ripples, bonds, and connections seems the next step. Simply joining the conversation will help to spread awareness of international efforts. You never know- you may be the next one traveling internationally and making global connections. Conversations like these is where it all begins.

We look forward to chatting.


Efosa and Josh

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