“Oh, you’re in PT school?” …

… “I’ve had this ache in my right shoulder for the last few months, could you take a look at it?”

… “So that means you’re pretty good at back massages, right?”

… “What exercises do you recommend to build up my calves?”

We’ve all had these encounters by now… well-meaning friends, relatives and innocent bystanders who, upon discovering your acceptance into physical therapy school, suddenly see you as an expert on all things pain-/massage-/exercise-related.

And in some ways, these questions are great! We WANT to be known as experts in the field of neuromusculoskeletal disorders. Other times, however, their questions can be misguided or downright offensive (NO I will not rub your feet!!).

How do you respond to such queries when people find out you are a #DPTstudent? Do you take it as an opportunity to explain what PT’s actually do? What’s your best elevator speech?

This Wednesday, May 28 at 9 PM EST, we are taking a lighthearted approach to a common issue: discussing the craziest things people have said to you when they learn you are a #DPTstudent and how you responded!

See you there.