CSM was a week filled with exciting programming, buzzing nightlife, engaging conversation and invaluable new friendships. Probably the most exciting part for me was finally putting a face to a large portion of my twitter followers, professionals and the #DPTstudent’s we interact with on a daily basis!

While we hope to attend these conferences and experience all it has to offer, the reality is, unless you can be in three places at once you are probably missing out on something interesting. Each and every one of us has had a different experience at #CSM2014, so lets talk about it! The time is now to reflect upon what we have learned and how we will use this experience to promote our growth as a soon-to-be professionals.  As we all settle back into normal everyday lives as #DPTstudent’s lets keep the CSM buzz going and reminisce  on all the memorable experiences!

Join us this Wednesday at 9pm EST and tell us what you learned at CSM, what were some of your conference highlights and tell us why your experience at #CSM2014 was one to remember!

Blog post written by TJ Janicky (@TJ_Janicky)