Professional development is an important aspect of both our education as a student and our growth as a professional. In August 2003, Professionalism in Physical Therapy: Core Values was reviewed by the APTA Board of Directors and adopted as a core document on professionalism in physical therapy practice, education, and research. Included in these core values was a definition of “Professional Duty” defined as commitment to meeting one’s obligations to provide effective physical therapy services…to serve the profession and to positively influence the health of society. Indicators of this core value in practice include, promoting the profession of physical therapy, being involved in professional activities beyond the practice setting and in my opinion the most important indicator, taking pride in ones profession.

Joining us this Wednesday at 9pm EST, on the topic of  “Professional Development” is @WebPT co-founder and COO, Heidi Jannenga (@HeidiJannenga). Heidi is a practicing physical therapist as well as huge demonstrator of #PTAdvocacy.


Blog post written by TJ Janicky (@TJ_Janicky)