As students we are emerging from school at a pivotal point in health care. We are walking into some big changes that will have profound effects on both our patients and us as physical therapists. So what should we expect? According to the Kaiser health tracking poll in September of 2013, 51% of the population felt they did not have enough information about the law to understand how it will impact their families. Our patients will be asking us the big questions about these confusing health care changes, which is why we should be preparing now! Questions we as PT students should be asking are: how will the health care reform improve the health care system? What types of coverage and benefits can we expect for our patients? Finally, how will health care reform impact my practice and ability to provide quality care?

Join us at 9 p.m. EST , as we are joined by Dr. Kathy Mairella (@kathymairella), covering the topic of health care reform. Dr. Mairella currently serves as Director on the APTA BoD. Dr. Mairella is a full-time faculty member at Rutgers University where she teaches Health Care Delivery Systems as well as Professional Development. Finally, Dr. Mairella was the former President of the NJ chapter of the APTA.


Blog post written by TJ Janicky (@TJ_Janicky)