I have to admit that before my knee injury, I didn’t really know what a PT was or what they did. Growing up, my mom took me to our family doctor with all of my ankle sprains, pulled muscles and the like. He wrapped them, gave me some meds and sent me on my way. I didn’t know any different and neither did my parents. To them, they were getting me the best treatment they knew of. After my knee accident and the decision to change careers I remember telling my parents my plan. My dad scratched his head and said “You want to be a what? What do they do?”

Many times we have talked during the chat about the fact that the general public has to be more aware and knowledgeable¬†of PT, what we do and how we can help them- but in this chat let’s talk about HOW we get there. How can we get someone like my parents, a working class family, to say “Lauren sprained her ankle yet¬†again, time to make an appointment with the PT!” What will it take to get the profession there? General TV ads? Radio? More of an effort from individual PTs to go out in their community? We’re not talking about individual PT clinic marketing in this case- we are talking about the profession as a whole. All for one and one for all!


A New #DPTstudent Chat Format

To get everyone more involved in the chat and really build the community of students in the chat (let’s face it, we are stronger when we act together) I would love for you to Tweet or DM me questions (@LaurenrSPT) to ask during the chat regarding the topic for everyone to answer and discuss. All of our minds think differently and you may have a question to ask the group that I would have never thought of! This will make sure we have tons of talking points and a dynamic conversation.

Talk to you Wednesday evening at 9pm EST!


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