Thought of the Week: Connect

Recently, the physical therapist social media world has been a buzz with #SolvePT. I added my thoughts on this in a separate post. This movement made me reflect on a Ted Video I watched and enjoyed recently. It got me thinking and it spawned this week’s thought.

Inspired by the video below by Brene Brown, we need vulnerability to connect. I believe the recent #SolvePT is a nice illustration of connection, albeit virtual, happening within the physical therapy profession. Now, taking the leap to join social media, and then leaping into the conversation means putting yourself out there in a virtual, but very real sense. It means expressing thoughts, views, and ideas. Ideas the world and other PT’s can read (and critique!). It is social media vulnerability, but we need it to truly connect.


Now, what about in real life; what about the patients we serve? Many, if not all, come to us in vulnerable circumstances. Sharing their stories, their illness narratives, they are vulnerable. Are we, individually and collectively, creating an environment that welcomes and nurtures vulnerability in order to facilitate connection, understanding, and transformation?

You need vulnerability to connect. What can we do better in our personal and professional lives? Individually and collectively? What can we do better in education of our students and patients?

Thoughts? @Dr_Ridge_DPT

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  1. Haha this dovetails with my thought of the week. Weakness is the new strength. I think these two thoughts match well together because of vulnerability.

    Vulnerability is a noun that becomes so through weakness. Strength is about opposition, it is about showing your stuff and proving it to the world. Admitting your weakness, while it can feel like the hardest thing in the world to do, invites others to help and the ability to connect and grow.

    Now I need to watch the video.

    Eric Kruger DPT @kintegrate

  2. A book I highly recommend to colleagues, students and clients that addresses the patient/health practitioner relation is Heal Thy Self, by Saki Santorelli. You can check a post I did on my blog at or
    This is a mindfulness based approach to healing. It expresses this vulnerability that exists during this healing relationship we share with our patients. The book uses a great line from a Rumi quote that begins, Don’t turn your head…
    Thank you

  3. Sirs:

    I too have watched, been touched, and moved to action by the “vulnerability” video by Brown. As A PT practicing in the Philippines, vulnerability tendencies of the healthcare provider is not “expected” by a patient. However, the video reveals that it is one of the secrets to connecting genuinely with patients-a demonstration of genuine care and humanity.

    Thank you for this post.!

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