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Mary Derrick, DPT, is a recent graduate from Texas State University in San Marcos. With an undergraduate major in health and fitness management and a minor in business, She tends to look at the PT world differently. She’s an active of APTA, AAOMPT, and a member of Colorado chapter of the APTA. Mary is the workhorse behind the collection of presentations at She can be found on twitter at: @Mary_PT2013.


Forced Unemployment for New Grads

It’s May. That time of year where schools across the country are graduating thousands of new physical therapists that are excited, motivated, and eager to enter the amazing profession they’ve worked 3 hard years towards. These new graduates are searching for and accepting…


Critical Thinking Vs Clinical Reasoning

During #DPTstudent chats, there has been many great conversations and debates. However, it seems that some of the debates end with phrases along the lines of, “that’s where clinical reasoning comes in,” or “that’s where we use critical thinking.”  What are these vague…


How Do I Twitter Anyway? #DPTstudent

Twitter is an amazing place. I get smarter everyday by observing and connecting on the platform. However, I’m routinely astonished at the reluctance of the vast majority of the students I teach to engage. The #DPTstudent tweetchat has been a great conversation, but it’s…