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RC 4-17: Increased Access to PTs for Disability Evaluation

This is post 5 of 11 in the series “2017 House of Delegates Preview” This motion, proposed by the Massachusetts chapter of the APTA, and cosponsored by the California Chapter and Sports Section amends by broadening the current wording of APTA’s position statement…


One term to change it all… RC 2-17 and “The Individual”

This is post 4 of 11 in the series “2017 House of Delegates Preview”


RC 3-17: Should PTs Advocate for Improved Driving Safety?

RC 3

This is post 3 of 11 in the series “2017 House of Delegates Preview” The American Physical Therapy Association’s (APTA) third motion (RC 3-17) that will be reviewed for amendment during the 2017 House of Delegates (HOD) next month will re-visit a passed…


RC 1-17: Is It Time To Update Our Mission Statement?

This is post 2 of 11 in the series “2017 House of Delegates Preview” As the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) 2017 House of Delegates, the legislative body for the organization, quickly approaches next month, the first motion (RC 1-17) to hit the…


2017 House of Delegates Preview: Lifecycle of a Motion

This is post 1 of 11 in the series “2017 House of Delegates Preview” PT Think Tank is proud to announce that over the coming weeks leading up to the NEXT Conference and the annual House of Delegates meeting, we will be covering…


Where #GetPT1st Doesn’t Work: The Bottom Line

This year marks this image’s 10th birthday. It has been shared, tweeted, and promoted (without proper citation) with reckless abandonment by the physical therapy profession as how things should be. #GetPT1st. It works. We make health care cheaper! The image is not a…


Priceless Protections: Pre-Existing Conditions Can Happen to You!

Well, here we are again, on the cusp of another GOP vote on health reform, and about to lose federal protection for pre-existing health conditions. Troublingly, there has been this discourse floating around that places blame on said person with a pre-existing condition.…


Dr. Manual Therapy, Or How I Came to Stop Worrying and Love the Placebo

With a central theme based on cinema, and a message potentially confused as a doomsday device for manual therapy, Dr. Joel Bialosky’s (along with Drs. Bishop and Penza) latest commentary in JOSPT, “Placebo Mechanisms of Manual Therapy, A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing?” certainly…


#BadAssMary: Mary McMillan in 8 Memes

Mary McMillan is a founder and the first president of the American Physical Therapy Association. She wasn’t the first person to practice physical therapy, but as Mildred Elson stated in her 1964 McMillan lecture, “She thought in terms of the whole country and…


CSM Inside the Numbers

If you were at CSM in San Antonio last week, you know this conference was big – in a variety of ways. The APTA touted record attendance levels. The conference was spread out among a huge convention center, with concurrent sessions in two…