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#DPTstudent chat for Wednesday, July 23: PT and the aging population

Currently, 11% of the U.S. population is 65 or older. It is projected that by the year 2050, this age group will comprise 20% of our population. Advances in medicine are continuing this trend as we increasingly survive threats to our health. Source: CDC & US Census Bureau The relative burden of older adults on […]

#DPTstudent Chat for Wednesday, July 9: How to Sell Yourself as a #DPTstudent & Physical Therapist – LIVE Interview with Jerry Durham, PT

As a #DPTstudent, you are grinding through school with the goal of finding gainful employment. Of course, networking is an important part of getting a job, but it goes much further. Networking is important for finding mentors who will help shape your career, for meeting other professionals and potential patients and for helping to “sell” [&hell


We think physical therapy is great. You probably do too. You want to attract new patients to your clinic, promote wellness, produce favorable outcomes, and establish strong, lifelong relationships with your patients. How do you convey your message to the world? What is your brand? How do we, as physical therapy clinicians and students, best [&helli

#DPTstudent Chat for Wednesday, June 25th: What should you consider when choosing a clinical rotation?

At some point in your career as a #DPTstudent, you will have to make choices about your clinical rotations. You may have to consider the setting, your CI and the way the clinic practices… the process can be very intimidating. How does your school handle this process? What say do you have in the matter? […]

#DPTstudent chat for Wednesday, June 18: Professionalism in a Digital Age

As a PTthinktank reader, you are likely aware that social media sites have made new information easier to share and access. Health professionals, fitness “experts” and the average Joe are now able to disseminate large amounts of information quickly and easily – with content that may or may not be credible. Drs. Kendra Gagnon and [

#DPTstudent Chat for Wednesday, June 11, 2014 @ 9PM EST: Should Schools Pay to Place a #DPTstudent in Clinic?

There is a trend emerging in #DPTstudent education of declining reimbursement and less flexibility and options with clinical placements. As a result, some schools are beginning to offer money to clinics in order to persuade them to accept students. In this week’s #DPTstudent chat, we will discuss the implications of this change, good and bad. [&h


Residencies seem to the hot topic now that I have entered the third and final year of my DPT program. Residencies are designed to help build a specialization as well as foster mentorship and increase clinical reasoning skills. If completing an APTA accredited residency you are eligible to take the OCS, NCS or other specialization […]

#DPTstudent chat for Wednesday, 6/4/14: Passing the NPTE Exam!

Congratulations, you’ve just graduated and earned your DPT – now the hard stuff is over, right?  Not so fast! That pesky National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE) is standing between you and that license!  This week we will discuss strategies, resources, and best practices for passing the big test! Come join the discussion Wednesday at 8:00pm C


“Oh, you’re in PT school?” … … “I’ve had this ache in my right shoulder for the last few months, could you take a look at it?” … “So that means you’re pretty good at back massages, right?” … “What exercises do you recommend to build up my calves?” We’ve

Manipalooza from a #DPTstudent Perspective

There are some experiences as a #DPTstudent that leave you feeling energized, happy, and confident that you absolutely made the right career choice. This was one of those experiences. This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to attend Manipalooza put on by Evidence in Motion. Manipalooza is a “3-day festival of hands on learning in [&